Really-old-classics, retrospective

The Really-old-classics challenge finished july 31. I only finished 3 books, and it turned out to be quite different books from what I set out to read. I originally had decided to read

  • Canterbury Tales
  • New Testament
  • Herodoto’s histories
  • Aesopos fables 
  • Islandic sagas

but I read

  • Epictetos’ Handbook in the art of living (The only thing in life you can be sure of is your own actions, so don’t try to find happiness in material things or other things outside your control. If people hurt you it’s only because you put too much importance on things or people. If you stop caring about things nobody will be able to hurt the real you, only your body.)
  • The epic of Gilgamesh (A old tale about a hero and how he became a great king. Also contains an old version of Noahs ark.)
  • Ovid’s Metamorphoses (Stories about change, physical and metaforical. My favourite story was about Filemon and Baucis, the old married couple whose only wish was for neither of them to survive the other. When it was time for them to leave this world they were transformed into two intertwined trees.)

I had a lot of fun reading these Really Old Classics, and beginning several others that I hope to finish eventually. I’m not going to stop reading these old books just because the challenge is ended. I still have the original list to finish, and all the other books I’ve bought for this challenge!


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